The Lechlade Festival
The Lechlade Festival

After so long in lockdown during the pandemic, everyone was longing for the day we could walk into another venue and enjoy something other than our television sets or computer screens.

In July 2020 we finally saw the reopening of pubs and restaurants but bingo halls were also given the go ahead to open which allowed for those who may have reconnected with the game through the huge growth of online bingo sites, to visit the halls where the game first grew to prominence.

You may not have played online bingo before and would like to try, in which case have a look at some of the most popular, new bingo sites 2021. You may also be completely new to the on land bingo world, so which on land bingo venues survived the pandemic and are open now?

Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is part of The Rank Group, which owns numerous gambling houses and bingo halls across the UK and Europe, along with various other betting firms on the continent. Mecca Bingo has over 80 bingo halls in the UK, which are now all open, but only after an initial 34 were allowed to follow the COVID-19 restrictions being loosened.

Mecca Bingo now has an online website where you can play bingo as well as slots and other casino games. With so many sites still open, clearly people do still enjoy attending Mecca’s halls for their dose of bingo. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the more local bingo halls which have closed as more and more people choose to play online.

Apollo Bingo

Apollo Bingo, which is owned by Majestic, who is the 3rd biggest bingo operator in the United Kingdom after Mecca and Buzz, now has 13 bingo halls open, including sites in Worcester, Durham and Nottinghamshire. They were originally only able to open 7 of them after the pandemic restrictions were lifted, which included Donnington, Skegness, Mansfield and Canvey Island. Majestic also has an online presence where you can play bingo and slots.

Buzz Bingo

Formerly known as Gala Bingo, Buzz Bingo is one of the UK’s most popular and biggest bingo operators. It has 92 on land sites now open, which also offer slot machines along with food and drink facilities. In addition Buzz Bingo also has its website where you can enjoy its bingo, slots or even your favourite casino games and live casino variations on all of your favourites.

Merkur Bingo

Merkur Bingo, which you might know as Beacon Bingo, has this year rebranded itself to fall in line with the Merkur family after it was acquired by them in 2012. Merkur Bingo has just the 3 on land sites left but boasts the largest on land bingo club in Europe based in Cricklewood, North London, which holds the world record for the single biggest ever payout and the ability to have 2700 players. Merkur does also have their online bingo and casino websites available to players.

Crown Bingo

Crown Bingo has their three remaining sites back open and are operating as normal and even offering you electronic bingo terminals where you can log into a more futuristic but simple way of playing the game. Its three sites are; Bognor Regis in West Sussex, Cosham in Portsmouth and Leigh Park in Havant.

Club 3000 Bingo

Club 3000 Bingo has 22 sites open and operating normally across the UK and also offers various online versions of slots and other casino favourites along with being able to play bingo online.

As you will see, many of the big bingo organisations that are fully licensed still have bingo halls running in the UK and it seems there are still plenty to choose from wherever you may be based so if you wish to get out of the house for a more traditional experience, why not seek out one of the above venues.