We have enjoyed the game of bingo for centuries, and through time the game has changed dramatically, and we have loved each and every turn the game has taken. For most of the last century if you wanted to have a game of bingo you either went to a bingo hall or if you were on vacation you could access the game alongside other sea-side attractions. Then the game attracted not only the regular bingo players who needed their fix but also holiday makers would be drawn in by groaning shelves full of fabulous prizes. In fact, you would have been hard-pressed to find a town that didn’t have a bingo hall as not only was it a place to go for some entertainment, but it was also a social hub for many communities, and up until 2005 there were new bingo halls being opened up each year. However, since those heady days the trend has actually reversed, not bingo the game, but how it is played. People now prefer trusted bingo sites that are easily accessible on their mobile devices. So why are more people playing their favourite game online? Simple answer would be convenience and that is true as you can now pick up a game of bingo on your mobile device whenever and wherever you choose. That’s a far cry away from the traditional bingo hall as you would be right if you thought of a room full of older ladies as according to the BBC the average age in a bingo hall (in 2016) was in the region of 62 years old, and three quarters of those people were female. Today, online bingo is seen as a cool game to play where you can catch up with friends and family whilst playing on your favourite games, and now the average age is far younger with the majority of people playing online bingo in the age bracket of 25-35 years old. Another big factor that makes online bingo so popular is that you can play games alongside other popular casino and slots game. Quality sites offer a full range to choose from and are fully optimised for the smaller screen, so playing has never been so satisfying. There is no doubt that the welcome bonus and other promotional offers help to draw people into online bingo rooms, but many choose to stay and repeatedly return to the vibrant community that are the heart of any online bingo site.