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Are Macs or PCs Best for Video Editing?

Whether to use a Mac or a PC is an age-old debate, with some people preferring Macs, others using PCs, while some don’t mind which one they use. In general, most can agree that either choice is good for regular computer work depending on your personal preferences and needs. But when it comes to video editing, which is best for the job? While it’s impossible to say that one will have an advantage over the other for every video editor out there, understanding the difference between the two and the advantages that they offer can help you choose which system is best for you when editing video.

Macs – The Advantages:

People who choose this system will say that the Mac is the machine that started introducing computing to the world, and the style and exclusivity of the modern Mac and MacBook is one of the main reasons why it’s so popular. Macs are a popular choice for creative work, and here are some of the advantages that they offer when it comes to video editing.

1.Preferred by Creatives:

Most creative professionals will agree that they prefer the Mac over a PC when it comes to getting their work done. They are definitely attractive to creatives, designers and editors with excellent levels of usability and a system that is designed to make the creative process easy. For video editors in particular, it’s easy to download software that you can use to quickly and easily convert MOV to MP4 and more when it comes to your video files to ensure that they are accessible no matter what device they are played on in the future. Visit Setapp to find out more about how to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac. Setapp offers a range of helpful tips and advice for Mac use too.

2.Great for Large File Transfers:

For video editors, a lot has changed over the last couple of decades and today we are dealing with more Full HD and 4K video, meaning that the files content creators are using are ever-growing. For this reason, many video editors prefer to use a Mac since they have the best ports and gadgets for large file transfers. They offer excellent data transfer speeds and ports that are designed for connecting to 4K monitors. Macs also offer Thunderbolt, a port that can transmit data at a rate as fast as 40 Gpbs and are excellent for large file transfers.

3.Best for Working with Other Apple Devices:

In general, Macs are the best choice if you want a laptop or computer that will operate seamlessly with your other Apple devices. If you are a videographer and video editor who uses handheld Apple devices, printers and other gadgets, you may benefit more from using a Mac rather than a PC. Apple’s devices are designed to work almost exclusively with Macs, although there is some compatibility with PCs.


When it comes to user-friendliness, Macs are designed to make the experience as easy as possible. They often have more features compared with many popular PCs when it comes to a smooth integration between applications to ease your workflow, and with each software update, there is almost always some new features added to make using your Mac even easier. For video editors in particular, Apple also offers iMovie, which comes as standard with their Mac products and is the easiest video editing software to use and very popular with those who are just starting out.

PCs – The Advantages:

Microsoft PCs are known for their versatility and utility, and are the popular choice for offices, gaming, and home computing. Many video editors will use a PC, since they do offer a range of advantages for this type of work. Some of the main benefits of choosing a PC include:

1.Save Money:

If you are on a budget, it makes more sense to get a PC since they are clearly cheaper than a Mac. A Mac could easily cost you $1,000 or even more, while a PC will cost considerably less for mostly similar features. However, bear in mind that you will usually need to invest in a high-end PC to ensure that you have the processing power required for video editing.

2.Software Compatibility:

Compared to Apple products, PCs tend to be more compatible with a wider range of software programs. There is a range of software available that you won’t usually be able to get your hands on with a Mac. However, that being said, the most popular video editing software programs out there tend to be available for both, but Windows users do get more options for editing software.

3.Regular Updates:

Both the Windows operating system and software programs that are run on a PC will receive regular updates, which are more frequent compared to Apple. While Apple does release regular Mac OS updates for security purposes, they will usually be in the form of a new release rather than in-between. A PC is often the best choice if you want software that is updated on a constant basis.

4.More Hardware Ports:

The ports on PCs can be beneficial for some video editor users. While Apple has been doing away with ports on their newer devices, PCs have done the opposite and are adding more. Macs certainly don’t come cheap and when you’re spending a lot of money on buying one, you might be frustrated to find that you have to spend even more on connectors and adaptors to ensure that your hardware can be connected. Video editors might be put off from buying a newer Mac model since they no longer have an SD card slot, which is often essential for transferring video files directly from the camera’s SD card to your computer and editing software.

Both Macs and PCs offer a range of unique advantages for video editors. When it comes to choosing which one would be the best for you, consider factors such as your budget, how customizable you want your machine to be, which software you use, and the hardware you use.