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New research reveals Britain's bedrooms are 'bulging at the seams'

This epidemic is said to be likely due to fast fashion, pandemic purchases and working from home. 

Bedroom storage and interior design specialists, My Fitted Bedroom conducted research to find out more about Britain’s bedroom space crisis.   

It is estimated that more than 68% of people say that they don’t have enough storage space in the bedroom, while a third of people in the UK are considering moving home due to a need for more bedroom space.

The storage experts found that one in 10 people admit to using kitchen cupboards, the garage and their car to store clothes, bags and shoes.   

In the survey of 1,000 homeowners conducted by My Fitted Bedroom, many people admitted that their bedroom storage issue had got worse in the past two years with pandemic purchases, ultra-fast fashion and making room for home working cited as the main reasons.  

When asked to describe their clothing and accessory purchasing during the past 18 months, 39% admitted to spending on clothing, accessories and beauty items out of boredom. 

More than half (55%) think that their spending increased during lockdown – with three in 10 people now owning at least four pandemic purchases that they have never worn nor returned.

A quarter of those surveyed admitted to buying on average six or more new items of clothing, shoes or accessories every month. 

Whilst simply owning too much is partly to blame for homes becoming overly cramped, 45% of those surveyed have also had to give up valuable bedroom storage space to create a permanent home working area. 

Research commissioned last year by global commerce services company PFS, mirrors My Fitted Bedroom’s findings. The survey discovered that 60% of consumers bought more than normal during the first lockdown and 77% of these planned to continue to do so.

The study also revealed that while a quarter (25%) of Millennials increased their purchasing of home, garden and DIY products online during lockdown, 12% of Gen Z, on the other hand, purchased more footwear and 22% purchased more clothing.

Megan Baker from My Fitted Bedroom said: “Our homes have been getting smaller for years – in fact, the average UK home today is just 729 sq ft compared with 896 sq ft in the 1970’s.

“Smaller homes, coupled with our sudden need for home offices or home schooling spaces as well as the fact that we have been buying so much additional ‘stuff’ without trying it on, means that more than ever homeowners are despairing at their lack of storage. Our poll also revealed how creative some people are getting on where they keep things – kitchen cupboards and cars a popular place to glean additional space.

“Having had a good 18 months to dwell on their living spaces and re-evaluate areas of their lives, it’s not surprising that a third of people are considering moving home due to space issues – but sometimes it might be better to improve, rather than move.” 

According to the PFS data, 19% of consumers reported purchasing more healthcare products online, whilst 11% have bought more beauty and cosmetics products and 6% have bought more luxury goods online. 11% also said they have purchased more technology online since the beginning of lockdown than before.

Megan added: “For anyone feeling frustrated with lack of storage, the best place to start is taking a long hard look at what you own, what you need and what you could remove from your home. You may be surprised at how much space this could create.

“If you’re guilty of over-consumption and have a fast fashion shopping habit that is leaving your wardrobe struggling to close, now could be a good time to re-evaluate how you shop too. Trying to forgo buying new clothes for a few months, revisiting some of the items that you already own and looking to buy fewer but better quality pieces that you can get ultimate cost per wear out of – are habits that are better for the environment, your pocket and storage space.

“When it comes to maximising the storage in your home, especially your bedrooms and home office, built-in furniture that is designed and fitted specifically to your space and needs could revolutionise your storage capacity. With options for small bedrooms, office come spare rooms, under eaves storage and the ability to creatively use up any space, built-in wardrobes are a great starting point to design a bedroom scheme around if you are frustrated by lack of space. You will be surprised by how much they could streamline your rooms – helping you to reclaim them for relaxing, working or play.”

Link to PFS research -—21500

More information on My Fitted Bedroom can be found here

  • New research reveals Britain's bedrooms are 'bulging at the seams'

    Photo credit - My Fitted Bedroom