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Brewery Bird's Festive Beer guide

Ok, so November might seem a bit keen in terms of Chrimbo pressie ideas, but tis only one payday away for some, so why not save yourself a last minute panic and check out Brewery Bird’s list of beer-related gifts for that hard-to-buy-for-but –likes-beer person in your life.

6 Piece Beer Tasting Set - £24.99brews-brewery1

You can buy the best beer in the world (no, not that one), but the right glass can make that drinking experience a finer one. And why have one glass when you could have four?! Comes with a tasting paddle and beer wheel with tasting tips on different beer styles and beers. Beer not included.

2Ltr Beer Growlers – £15-£35

brews-brewery2Long gone are the days of filling nasty plastic tubs with beer at your favourite local brewery or pub. These stainless steel beauties not only look a lot cooler, they also keep your beer at a decent temperature too! Double walled with a nifty swing top vacuum lid to keep your beer fresher for longer.

Try The Grainfather available from the Home Brew Shop in York – they also have an online store on a well-known auction site…..Many local breweries also now stock their own…..

Beer Advent Calendar £59.99 upwards

brews-brewery3Talk about the gift that just keeps on giving! 24 bottles of fabulous German beers – choose from Classic & Craft – currently available through Groupon and delivered within 7 days. also offer a British craft beer calendar + a glass for £75. Alternatively, why not make your own Blue Peter style – cheaper, and who doesn’t remember how to glue a few toilet roll tubes together?!

Beer Soap & Body Care £6 upwards

brews-brewery4It’s 5’oclock somewhere but if you don’t feel like drinking it, you could try washing in beer instead! There are several online sites selling a variety of beer soaps and other spa-type products and no your bathroom won’t smell like a brewery afterwards. Try Spartisan soaps for a full range of bars - perfect for vegans and veggies as no nasty animal fats used in the making!

Beer & Magazine Subscription - £20 upwards

Introduce your loved one to one of these inspiring beer subscription sites – choose how much you spend and personalise the beers to suit! Most offer a hard copy magazine exploring the world of beer alongside.  Check out  & for starters.

  • Brewery Bird's Festive Beer guide
  • Brewery Bird's Festive Beer guide
  • Brewery Bird's Festive Beer guide
  • Brewery Bird's Festive Beer guide