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By Darren Willmott of

Christmas is always cracking for wine lovers - thanks to parties and dinners filling the diary, as well as both choosing and receiving wonderfully boozy gifts.

There’s always the feeling of wanting to splash out and indulge just that little bit more than usual.

If you’re not feeling hugely confident on what to drink or what wine gifts to give to others then fret not as, like with most things, there’s an app out there to do the hard yards for you.

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Free to download, Vivino lets you scan bottle labels to uncover all sorts of useful information ranging from tasting notes and producer information to customer ratings and similar wines you might like to try.  You can track, store and share your thoughts on any wines you try, or are interested in trying.

You also get to see the average market price per bottle, very useful in a supermarket, but use with caution in restaurants as seeing how much of a mark-up there is might leave a sour taste in the mouth, rather than the taste of the wine.

Used furtively you can pretend to be a wine genius in front of your friends, but if that’s not your bag, why not give my annual wine quiz a try instead?  It’s wine themed, but not so tough that you’ll need Vivino to help you solve it.