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Leon Daye’s ‘The Gift’ is an interesting one.

Although based in Cirencester the album itself exudes American-ness and really affirms its place in the territory of alt-rock and country blues - think R.E.M. meets the Eagles. The stand out songs for me are ‘Darkside’, ‘Building a Life’ and ‘Diamonds and Dreams’ - there’s wisom in Leon’s words, a sort of philosophical undertone which also is delicately executed. And, although The Gift is catchy easy listening, you’ll be fooled to think there’s no depth here - it’s very soulful in this respect with an air of reminiscence brought home by those southern instrumental twangs  which are incredibly melodic against Leon’s gentle, and quite sweet, vocals.  The Gift very much feels like Leon’s offering of knowledge and it is with this that you can hear Leon turning the page to start a brand new chapter - whether that’s personally or musically is irrelevent. At the end of the day, it’s a gift - and a good sounding one at that.