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Casinos have evolved a lot over the last decade, and this is mostly down to technology advancing. Of course, at one stage casinos were land-based affairs, and the games were played using cards and roulette wheels. When software developers found a way of bringing the casino to the internet, it was inevitable that the evolution would continue as reports.

The first style of online casino game utilised random number generation to determine the card in play, or the slot the roulette wheel stopped on. This is still very much used today, but of course, now the graphics have gotten better and better, so you have sophisticated CGI in play as well as the brain behind it, the random number generator.

At the moment, the most significant technology for online casinos comes in the form of the live casino. This immersive experience involves live streaming in studios across the world. In order to participate, the players will need to have a decent internet connection speed to avoid lag or dropping out. The croupier is as real as those found in high-end casinos and will guide the game using the same equipment. Players can watch the live stream and use the chat to interact with the dealer. The betting is handled via the computer and electronic programs, so live roulette features an interactive betting mat and chips can be dragged to the correct place as you would normally.

These games are so popular that the large casinos are able to offer them all day and night, meaning players can hop into a game with very little waiting around. However, there is always room for improvement, and without a doubt, the latest emerging technology for casinos will be virtual reality. This requires the user to have a VR headset  and gloveS as well as a certain level of hardware within their home setup. So that requirement makes mobile playing harder for VR games, and even the desktop side is a little bit more restrictive.

However, VR is advancing all the time, and many mobiles now feature AR, which is augmented reality and a similar principle. In an AR mobile game, the characters can appear within your current room, so by looking at your mobile screen, you will see your living room as if you were using your camera. And then the AR characters will appear within that setting. From here you can see that it won’t take long before developers can advance this and turn your lounge into a casino. Some people feel that the headset is vital for an authentic, immersive VR experience, but with ever-advancing technologies, it is certainly likely that this opinion will change as new ideas are transformed into gaming technology. It is undoubtedly a case of watch this space. For now, if you want a true to life experience without extra hardware, then live casinos are certainly for you, but in a few more years who knows how you could be accessing online casino games.