Famed as a nation in love with travelling on two wheels, The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world for a cycling holiday. Its infrastructure encourages the use of bikes, not only in the city centres but also in the countryside, and the landscape is largely flat with varying scenery.

Prepare to pedal your way around this characterful country by following this guide to the top cycling routes in the Netherlands. From a tour of the captivating capital to unmissable UNESCO World Heritage Sites, these bike rides are an essential addition to your itinerary.

  1. Amsterdam city tour

There is no better way to discover the capital of the Netherlands than with cycling city tour. Joining the locals in the saddle gives you an authentic view of the city and is a quick, convenient and eco-friendly way to travel.

Wind along canal paths lined with traditional narrow houses and into the centre of Amsterdam. Here you can hop between the major attractions that include the famous art galleries like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s House.

  1. Kinderdijk windmills

Outside of the cities, a visit to Kinderdijk is one of the key features of cycling holidays in Holland. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is recognised for the 18th-century windmills that still aid the country’s complex water management system.

Cycle smooth paths through the meadows that flank the Led and Noord rivers and take in the stereotypical scenes around you. Those will an interest in history should take a break and visit one of the windmills to see the system at work.

  1. Noordoostpolder tulips

As well as bikes, clogs and windmills, the Netherlands is famous for flowers, especially tulips. If you’re visiting in the springtime, a trip to see the tulips at Noordoostpolder is a must.

Noordoostpolder is in Flevoland, the country’s biggest flower-growing region. In April and May, the area is carpeted in colourful tulip fields that look like uniform stripes when viewed from above.

If you’re feeling energetic, you can tackle the entire 100km tulip route which is thankfully well-signposted!

  1. River Vecht to Utrecht

For a combination of city and countryside, follow the route along the River Vecht to Utrecht. Starting from Amsterdam, the journey is around 50km, with the second half along the old canal being the most scenic section.

Between the cities you will encounter charming villages and colourful towns and endless farmland and meadows with wildflowers. This is a glorious insight into traditional Dutch lifestyle and culture.

In Utrecht, soak in the serene atmosphere of this small city that’s noted for its medieval heritage architecture and pretty canals. Enjoy coffee and poffertjes at a café in Domplein square which is dominated by the awe-inspiring Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin.