Things will be reaching a dramatic Tipping Point at Corpus Christi

With the clock ticking for the world to take action on climate change, Café Reason’s timely and provocative new work offers a creative response to the threats facing our fragile planet. Eloquent dance and eclectic live music led by veteran jazz singer Maggie Nicols, express the vulnerability of the earth and our own responsibility for it, past and future.
Tipping Point weaves together surreal physical theatre, vocal improvisation, original video, bizarre costume, and found objects, to shine a slantwise, shifting light on our complex and evolving relationship with the Earth. At once beautiful and disturbing, it presents an absorbing, challenging, and moving audience experience.
Café Reason is an experimental performance company specialising in butoh – a radical dance form that originated in post-war Japan. Its work has aways enjoyed a synergy with other artists and art forms, combining dance with original music, poetry, installation art, and video. Constantly innovating, the group seeks to extend the boundaries of perception and the interpretation of what it means to be human.
11 & 12 January
7.30 pm
Al Jaber Auditorium
Corpus Christi College
Merton Street,

Oxford, OX1 4JF

Tickets: £12 in advance []