The Susana de la Puente Hotel is a Work of Art

South America is a fusion of cultures, colors, and sounds. It is packed with beauty and it is diverse in both the landscape and people. From the stunning rainforest, rivers, mountains, and vibrant cities it feels like the whole world is packed into one continent.

As you can imagine this inspirational place has been a big draw for artists for centuries. If you head to the Barranco neighborhood in Lima, Puru, you’ll quickly realize it is everything the budding bohemian romantic could wish for. It has become a home for artists and designers of all types, and many that are leaders in their field have made Barranco their home.

Hotel B the Hidden Gem in Barranco

As you can imagine this attracts a lot of visitors to Barranco to savor the artistic vibe and to inspire their creativity. May choose to say at Hotel B. It is located in a beautiful part of Barranco. Just head toward the space between Sáenz Peña and San Martín and you’ll find the boutique hotel. It fits snugly between the two streets facing the Barranquino Sea.

It was constructed in 1914 and served Garcia Bedoya and other Lima based aristocrats who used the hotel for vacations and retreats. At that time it served the realm of the wealthy. The illustrious architect Claude Sahut carried out important renovations to Hotel B. He also carried out renovations to the Government Palace.

This is not the only renovation Hotel B has undergone. Recently, renowned investment banker and venture capitalist Susana de la Puente, together with other investment partners has carried out other restorations to Hotel B. Quick to spot its potential she has made the hotel art lover friendly, and for the bohemian, it must feel like a slice of paradise in paradise.

What You’ll Find in Hotel B

Susanna and her team’s renovations and redesign have brought a sense of artistic panache to the only Relais & Châteaux in Lima. The Belle Epoque style remains and it retains a sense of its surroundings reflecting the romantic and bohemian nature of Barranco. The hotel is the perfect place to submerge your being into creativity thanks to the collection of Pre-Columbian era and contemporary art.

The wooden walls of the hotel are of the early 1920s era and each room houses classic furniture that has a glamorous feel. The attention to detail is on point, with each of the 17 rooms featuring sculptures, photographs, and paintings from contemporary artists. A stroll through the hotel is an experience. The extensive list of artists whose work is on display includes Julia Navarrete, Clo de la Puente, Fernando de Szyslo, Aldo Chaparro, the Martinant brothers, Carlos Runcie Tanaka, José Tola, Lika Mutal, Fernando Cabieses, Sergio Fernandez, Sonia Delaunay and Frank Maedler.

The artistic creations and the hotel’s welcoming vibe merge. It is like you have an art gallery in your home.

Hotel B Exterior

Take a walk outside and you can’t help but be awed by Hotel B’s grey and white construction. Renowned architect David Mutal and Peruvian designer Jordi Puig combined their talents to retain the original French style. The columns, urns, and balconies are complimented by the expertly restored façade. Puig and Mutal brought in sculptors from the School of Fine Arts and expert Italian carpenters for the façade restoration work.

As such, you have a hotel that invites contemplation and a space that is a pleasure to savor. This approach of fusing art and comfort has the makings of something remarkable.

Susana de la Puente’s Vision

Hotel B’s successful restoration has earned it the title of one of the best boutique hotels in South America. Susana together with her sister Lucia de la Puente, owner of the Lucia de la Puente art gallery, in Lima, recognized the history and location of Hotel B and saw the investment potential.

Moreover, they realized that this was an opportunity to showcase their art collections, allowing it to be experienced by people. Susana’s ethos is that art should be experienced by as many people as possible to enrich their lives through art appreciation.

The artwork has given the hotel individuality and sets it apart from other boutique hotels in the country. It has in its own way become a work of art in of itself.

Hotel B - Restobar Lounge Award Winner

Even bohemian artists get hungry, and happily, Hotel B features an award winning restobar – lounge. In 2019 it scooped the coveted Summam Award, for the ‘Best Restobar-Lounge’.

The menu is sophisticated and this is complemented by alfresco dining in the beautiful patioed garden or you can take in the ocean as you eat, in the rooftop garden.

The seasonal local produce which includes Andean and Amazon exotic fruits together with coastal offerings make for delicious meals. The hotel has an excellent wine cellar and many adore the Pisco based cocktails that bring alive the flavors of Peru.

Hotel B is a masterpiece of restoration and is a work of art.