Take the teapot… and reinvent it

Inside our surprise package

For many years teapots have suffered from an image problem.

Everyone likes a cuppa at their desk but a pot of tea for one just looks a little… well National Trust. Step forward the T2, a hi-tech plastic contraption which arrived in our office like a swaggering little upstart – claiming to be ‘the ultimate brewing tool’ and unveiling a rainbow of different tea varieties to test.

We decided to put that claim to the test. Carefully following the instructions I loaded the top with Irish Breakfast tea (whatever an Irish Breakfast might be.. something with potatoes possibly?). After a short brewing period I nervously lifted it on top of my mug – half expecting hot water to jet all over my shoes. Not a drip. Simply placing it on top of the mug released a valve allowing the tea to drain into my mug. It works. The tea tasted like tea and no one could accuse me of being uncool. If you suffer from teapot based insecurity, the new T2 is for you.

T2 is opening a store at Oxford’s Westgate Centre. The Oxford store will house a huge ‘smelling’ table complete with more than 200 varieties and blends of tea from around the world, as well as a tastings bar.

To find out more, and get your own brews, visit T2’s website: www.t2tea.com