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Sign the petition to SAVE The Cellar in Oxford!

It is one of Oxford’s most beloved and distinguished independent music venues, but The Cellar now faces closure.

The owners of the building, St Michael’s and All Saints Charities, have submitted a proposal to redevelop the popular underground space for retail purposes which they hope will take place in early 2018.

Residing just off of Cornmarket Street, the music venue has been an Oxford staple since the 1980s, and has since continued to attract music lovers from all across Ocelotshire.

When news of the closure broke out, The Cellar staff, devout guests, and the Ocelot have been left shocked (to say the least).

The Cellar said: “We are sorry to announce that The Cellar has received notice from our head landlord that they are looking to redevelop the site.

“This is devastating news, not just for The Cellar team, but for the Oxford music scene as a whole, and represents the continued erosion of independent music venues by big business.”

In response to its potential closure, an online petition to save Oxford’s independent venue is speaking volumes, with over 4000 signatures already signed since going online.

The Cellar added: “We are consulting a solicitor to see what our options are and will keep you posted on any developments. We appreciate your ongoing support.”

The bar and club has been an incredible and welcoming space for a huge variety of musicians, from bands just beginning (once upon a time that was Foals, and Glass Animals), to sell-out performers passing through on tour.

Throughout the decades The Cellar has continued to embody the importance of independent music, as well as Oxford’s social and cultural scene, which is set to suffer a massive backlash with the venue’s removal.

Ocelot editor Jamie Hill said: “Venues like The Cellar need to be protected. It’s hard to describe how significant this venue is and we’ve spent many a night there seeing some damn good bands.

“We should do all we can to ensure its survival as it would be a massive loss to the Oxford music scene if it was to go the way of the dodo.

“Sign the petition. Get your mum to sign the petition. And your neighbour. And their dog. Basically just grab as many people as possible and get them to sign the petition so that The Cellar lives to see another day. It’s time we showed our love for this venue otherwise we might lose it.”

If, like us at the Ocelot, you don’t want to see the end of this wonderful venue, you can sign the petition to SAVE THE CELLAR by clicking HERE!




  • Sign the petition to SAVE The Cellar in Oxford!