Seven Options for Designing a Successful Life in the UK After School

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What comes next after secondary school? This is a perplexing question for many young adults in the United Kingdom — but there are more choices than one might think. Here are 7 of the most popular options for things young people could consider doing after high school:

1.   Continue Your Education at College or University

As a group, the citizens of Forres tend to greatly value education. There are multiple colleges in our immediate area, including Moray College UHI and Findhorn College. Young people also have the option to find online courses of study from further locations through the Courses Online academic portal.

2.   Complete an Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is an excellent option for a young person who isn’t ready to commit to several more years of schooling at university. It’s an ideal way to gain work experience, a professional network and job training.

Apprenticeships can sometimes be found through sites like Indeed and Reed.  Additionally, they can also sometimes be found by looking at potential employers’ websites. For example, it’s possible to check for opportunities at the University of the Highlands and the Islands website, or at the Atos website.

3.   Seek Out a Fulfilling Role in the Workplace

Many young people decide to work directly after graduation from secondary school.  Viable jobs for high school graduates can often be found in the UK. Our area has a strong manufacturing base, and entry-level positions can be found in this industry. Additionally, there are often entry-level jobs available in the retail sales, tourism, healthcare and other niches.

4.   Work Plus Study

Scotland is one of the most affordable places in the UK to attend university, because it tends to have the least expensive cost of living. However, the average student debt after graduation is  £13,230, according to The Ferret website. Working part time while at uni makes sense for students who don’t want to be left with such a significant debt burden after graduation.


5.   Start a Business

There are countless entrepreneurial opportunities. There is money to be made in a variety of industries, and the local government is hospitable to entrepreneurship. The Moray Council makes a Business Gateway available to aspiring entrepreneurs who need help and guidance.

6.   Volunteer

Volunteering doesn’t typically pay in cash, but there are countless other reasons a young person might want to consider it. Volunteering can broaden one’s personal network, and a person’s network is the likeliest source of future career opportunities. Also, it isn’t uncommon for organisations to eventually hire volunteers who are exceptionally useful to their group. If nothing else, the experience can be an excellent CV builder.

7.   Take a Gap Year

For young people who have considered the above options, yet none of them seems exactly right, perhaps taking a gap year could be the correct approach. A gap year can give young people time to travel, experience life, and think carefully about how they want to spend their futures instead of making the next move forward too impulsively.

These are 7 of the most usual options young people choose for living a successful life after high school. Each of these options has its benefits and drawbacks, and each has the potential to greatly influence the trajectory of a young adult’s life afterwards.