You may want to quit smoking or just try this new vaping craze, but getting started in vaping can be confusing. Everyone has their opinions about what the best mod is or the best drip tip or the tastiest e-juice. If you’re hoping to get your information off of enthusiast forums, you might end up more confused than when you began.

Fortunately, we have a guide to get down to the business of deciding what vape is the right vape for you. Whether you want to replace cigarettes or want to dip into the crazy world of flavors, or even indulge in vaping cannabis, here’s what you’ll need to know before you enter the vape shop.

First, Know Why You Want To Vape

The gear you need will depend on your reasons for vaping. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you wanting to quit smoking or replace cigarettes with vaping?
  • Are you new to both vaping and smoking?
  • Do you want to vape other herbs like cannabis?
  • Do you have an interest in herbal vaporizers or wax concentrates, which are less messy but require special gear?
  • Are you attracted to making huge clouds of vapor, or are you vaping because it’s more discreet than cigarettes?
  • How much are you planning to vape every day?
  • Do you have easy access to USB charging ports?
  • Are there particular flavors that you like?
  • How often do you want to maintain and clean your gear?

Knowing the answers to these will make it much easier for your local shop owner to make good recommendations.

Decide Your Vaping Budget

You might know that vaping is cheaper than smoking, but there is a larger up-front cost. Also, every vape kit will require replacement coils and batteries over time. If you’re smoking now, calculate how much you’re spending per month so you don’t blow your budget. If you’re new to it all, don’t go crazy on an expensive rig. Go cheaper and then get improvements over time once you decide you like it.

What to Look for in an E-Cigarette

If you’re thinking of making the change from smoking to vaping, the most important thing is probably going to be the throat hit and the nicotine satisfaction. Throat hit is all about feeling that vapor hit the back of your throat – smokers feel this when they smoke a cigarette. Nicotine satisfaction will take some trial and error, but it will be worth it in the end.

Flavor is also an important factor. If you think that you’ll be happy with traditional tobacco flavors, then you might not need to invest in a device with a tank and access to a wide flavor spectrum. However, if you want access to a wide choice of flavors, then you might want to choose a device that provides that access.

A Brief Explanation of the Types of E-Cigarettes


A two-piece design that resembles a traditional, analog cigarette. One piece is a battery and the other is a disposable cartridge which can be replaced when discharged.

Standard Mod

Works with a refillable tank and an atomizer with a resistance of greater than 1.0 ohms. The device may have variable wattage or voltage and have adjustable airflow.

Sub-Ohm Mod

These are powerful devices that operate at under 1.0 ohms and may have variable wattage or voltage or both. They may also have temperature displays.

Standard mods and cig-a-likes are often the choices for beginners as these are the ones which are easiest to use. They are generally a plug and play type of vape and do not require the knowledge that may be required of some more advanced mods.

When it comes down to finding the right vape for you, it is going to come down to preference. Of course, deciding preference requires a little experimentation. Most people start with cig-a-like and pen-style vapes and eventually move up to standard and then sub-ohm mods. There’s no wrong decision, so long as it gives you an enjoyable vaping experience.



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