How to avoid scams during holiday

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Holidays are the best parts of the year and unfortunately people might not be that careful to all things happening around them. This is the kind of period when scams and frauds take place more than usual. Buying products that don’t arrive anymore, making false money transfers or being fouled by a text message promising a one-time offer for holidays. These are nothing but holiday scams you should avoid as soon as you detect something suspicious. Below you can find information and details about how you can protect yourself from rip-offs during the holiday, mentioning that it is extremely important to pay attention to all offers that might widely open your eyes. If you can’t protect yourself and you become a victim, it is recommended to contact a defence lawyer specialized in frauds who will help you recover the money.

Suspicious gift cards with just a few clicks

Offering gift cards is probably the most spread type of scam found during the winter holidays. Such offers might come under the form of a text message or email presenting a best-buy gift if you access a link and introduce a specific PIN. In most cases, such a link might lead to an almost authentic website of a well-known retailer, being nothing but a fake website that can instantly collect your personal information, including financial details. Make sure you don’t get fooled by a flashy big prize on the internet, a special offer which can only be accessed during the holidays.

Fake car rentals

Many tourists consider renting a car in the city they visit in order to skip the problematic issues of transportation. The sector developed quite fast in recent years and on this busy market false companies or hackers introduced their scams. The mechanism is quite simple and it involves false websites presenting car rental offers that do not exist. The first thing to do is to check if the website is owned by a real car rental company. Also, you should verify the contact details and call on the phone before making a car reservation. This way, you can avoid fraud cases involving personal bank accounts and financial losses.

Suspicious ATMs should be avoided

Another serious aspect when it comes to scams on holidays is related to credit and debit cards, plus ATMs. Being on a holiday in a foreign country, tourists normally use the credit cards issued in the home country. It is quite normal to look and check the ATM before using it, especially if you are in a city where there aren’t many opportunities when it comes to banks or other financial institutions. Make sure there is no suspicious device placed on the ATM before you introduce the credit or debit card. Moreover, if you have the possibility of paying at the POS instead of cash, you can choose this method and avoid any fraud that might occur.

Holidays are for fun and good times, but people should also pay attention to fake charities, false websites and car rental companies, alongside thefts and pickpocketers. Safety first is not just a saying we remind from time to time, it is the best way to tell yourself that protection is extremely important even while on vacation.