I’ve known about Fieldview for ages – for a small non-profit festival it has a lot of hype about it, so needless to say this year my curiosity killed me.

Admittedly – having not been before – it was the music this year which initially drew me in. Known as ‘Wiltshire’s biggest little festival’ I was impressed with the line-up which featured The Blinders, Harvey Causon, Compact Pussycat and Grace Savage – musicians you may not know now, but I guarantee you will soon!

Musically my ultimate highlight was The Blinders – indie dream boats in rock outfits from Doncaster. They had the stage presence, they had charisma, and most importantly they had original songs with a flawless sound – what a find in the middle of a field! I can’t wait to see them again in Oxford next month.

Fieldview was everything I expected, and yet I was still blown away – happy people, grand food, insane music line-up and activities for everyone! What’s not to like? I honestly had the best time. Riding high on the community vibes the whole weekend, I loved how chilled out it was and all for a good cause!

Organisers have said that this big little festival might not take place next year due to a decline in volunteers, and I hope it isn’t so! Taking an optimistic stance, I’m going to say: “I can’t wait until next year!”

For further information, or to get involved with this amazing project, visit www.fieldviewfestival.co.uk