The homes we live in can represent a sizeable investment. If you’re looking to protect that investment, or expand on it, then home renovation might be worth considering. 

The quality of your renovations will be largely determined by the skill of the people who actually do the work. As such, it’s worth vetting your contractors thoroughly. The right tradesperson can not only do the actual work to a high standard; they might also be able to provide insights that help you to make the right decisions more broadly.

Qualifications and experience

So, how can we tell whether a prospective hire is competent? Perhaps the easiest way is to check their qualifications and certifications. If you’re hiring an electrician, then they should be registered with a trade body like NICEIC; the same requirement applies to plumbers and gas engineers, who should be on the Gas Safe Register. 

While being professionally qualified isn’t a guarantee of excellence, it’s in most cases a necessary requirement. By spending a few minutes checking, you’ll be able to sift out the people you really want to be avoiding. You’ll also be able to place a higher degree of trust and confidence in the people who pass this test.

References and reviews

Another easy way to check that a particular person is qualified to do a job is to check the work that they’ve already done. Check online for any reviews, and ask for a portfolio so that you can see the work that’s already been done. The testimony of previous clients will be especially valuable, as it will reflect not only the quality of the work, but the soft skills of the professional in question. Communication and reliability can make a big difference to your experience with the tradesperson you’re hiring.


High-quality tools are essential if you’re looking for high-quality work. This is largely something that you can trust the tradesperson to worry about; however, if the tools being used are of poor quality, or have been poorly maintained, it’s often a sign that something isn’t right. Robust woodworking tools are essential, but precision measuring tools will also make a difference.

Communication and transparency

As well as gauging communication skills through the testimony of previous clients, you can also gauge it directly. Tradespeople who communicate promptly and effectively are likely to be less stressful to work with. Bear in mind, however, that most good tradespeople will also be busy during the day. If you don’t get an immediate response to a text, then this might be a good sign: it indicates that your prospective hire is giving their current task their full attention.