A focus on photography at Lacock Abbey

Suzi Quatro © National Trust Images / Anita Corbin

As the late summer sun paints Lacock Abbey with rich, warming hues, September is filled with magical moments. 

The woodland gardens give you the open space needed for long walks and late summer picnics. Relish the last rays of sunshine, exploring the village and grounds with our film location map before the light fades. Don’t miss the changing photographic exhibition programme in the Fox Talbot Museum or the newly commissioned art installation in the abbey cloister.

Lacock’s Mythical Creature family trail

Imagine you have been sent on a quest by your Head Creaturologist to find Lacock’s mythical creature, rumoured to be lurking in the woodland. There are eyewitness accounts of its sightings and even clues left by the creature revealing its existence. 

Your quest is to find out what this mythical creature looks like by finding evidence. Beware if you do come across it, it has a certain magical power and it is not afraid to use it.

Plan ahead with our handy guide to September and October at Lacock Abbey, found on our website www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lacock

Anita Corbin: First Women photographic exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum gallery at Lacock Abbey features portraits from celebrities and famous personalities from across the decades, including athletes, actors, politicians, musicians and businesswomen.  

‘I wanted to create an impressive visual story of female potential: fantastic role models that will hopefully inspire other women and men, of all generations, now and in the future’, said Corbin. 

Touching on the radical inspiration for the work, she notes that portraiture has, as a discipline, favoured men: ‘In a long history dominated by notable males, First Women asks “What is it about women that can inspire you?”’

‘Anita Corbin: First Women’ is on display at the Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock from 15 September – 13 January 2019 and is free with normal admission to the property. Follow the Fox Talbot Museum on Twitter @foxtalbotmuseum

PEACE: Heinrich & Palmer the first in a series of three contemporary art installations at Lacock Abbey.

Anna Heinrich & Leon Palmer are two UK artists who work in collaboration. 

They are known for their multi-media installations and interventions, responding to different locations and using a diverse range of materials and technologies. 

Best known for their immersive installations involving light, illusion, projection, sound and architecture, they will be creating a unique piece for us at Lacock, within the abbey’s cloister. 

“There is an atmosphere that becomes apparent when entering Lacock that time has slowed down.  

Our installation will pick up on this and create a space through which the slow and ancient erosion of the site can appear to flow like a time-lapse sequence” they said. 

The exhibition is on display in the Chaplain’s Room within Lacock Abbey from 15 September – 13 January 2019 and is free with normal admission to the property.