When it comes to space in your home, it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it! For many homeowners who are disenchanted with the small rooms in their house, there are many ways to create the illusion of space without having to do anything drastic like knocking down walls.

In these cases, you just have to be a bit imaginative. By choosing the right kind of furniture, being careful when selecting your wall paints and creating a great lighting design, an awkward little room can be transformed into a reviving room that you’ll never want to leave.

Multifunctional furniture

Incorporate functionality into your spaces whilst also keeping them bang-on trend with furniture that has multiple uses. Something stylish like an ottoman can be used as a footrest, a table and a storage unit for books and odd bits if it has a removable top. 

In the realm of versatile furniture, a multitude of designs can be found; yet, if you are in pursuit of an investment piece that will prove essential throughout your residency in your dwelling, a fitted wardrobe emerges as a quintessential storage solution. Its proficiency lies in its capacity to optimise space utilisation, effortlessly adapting to the most intricate recesses and corners where a standalone wardrobe would prove unfeasible. Furthermore, aside from its practicality, a fitted wardrobe confers enhanced value upon your property, constituting a valuable asset should you ever consider selling your home.

Clever use of mirrors

Whilst mirrors might have the primary function of showing you whether you’ve fixed your tie or makeup correctly, they can also make small spaces look much bigger than they actually are. Placed in small corners with a light source nearby, they can create welcoming spaces that are bright and roomy.

Play around with different shaped mirrors, creating cascading sizes along walls, mixing and matching with styles or just hanging one statement mirror above the fireplace.

Light colours

Keep your spaces light and airy by painting them in neutral shades that don’t overpower the room. Think light greys, creams, yellows and soft blues, all of which bring soothing energy and a feeling of spaciousness to any room.

Again, experiment with different colours, painting one wall a pleasing shade of stone grey before painting a corner an appealing yellow. Such colours also have an effect on your mood and will keep you agile and active while darker colours encourage drowsiness.

Vertical gardening

If you find yourself grappling with limited garden space, consider the ingenious concept of a vertical garden. By utilizing just a fraction of the ground area typically required, you can artfully arrange creepers and vines to ascend vertically rather than spreading horizontally. This ingenious technique allows you to transform even the tiniest outdoor space into a thriving oasis of greenery and blossoms, ensuring that your garden remains a verdant haven despite space constraints.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden space that is a very valuable asset to own. With a thoughtfully designed garden, you can craft inviting nooks and serene spots where you can savor summer evenings and even relish the crisp winter air, all complemented by the cozy charm of gazebos and warming firepits. In fact, a recent study conducted by Hammonds revealed a fascinating insight: UK adults are willing to pay an average of £5,044 more for a home that offers a well-designed garden sanctuary. This underlines the significant impact that a garden can have on the overall appeal and value of your home, making it a wise investment in both lifestyle and property value, even if you do have a smaller home!