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Gappy Tooth Industries have their next riotous instalment at The Wheatsheaf in Oxford on the 28 November!

Too Many Poets are Witney five-piece who trade in graveyard grunge, a genre of their own coinage.  If you’re not hep enough to translate that, think a post-baggy mixture of The Smiths, The Horrors, Mastodon, The Wytches, and a bunch of other stuff snatched willy and/or nilly from the history of pop music.  However you break down their influences, they were selected by the BBC to play this year’s Truck festival.  If you like former GTI stars Orange Vision, give TMP a punt.

Vukovar¬†hail from the brutalist wastelands of Wigan. They celebrate ultra-realism, depravity, monotony, concrete, hedonism, silence. Vukovar are idealists, voyeurs and totalitarians who consider their dark hypnotic release Emperor to be their ‘pop’ album (albeit a vision of pop that contains influences from no wave, industrial, garage rock and early post-punk). ¬†Simply consider them to be good.

Ideal Koala.  Post-romantic indie pop.  Cello.  Neuroses.  Goth laments.  Melodic cooing.  Emile Autumn.  Screeching.  A performer called Lizard.  Unique, that’s what we’re getting at.

20:45 Ideal Koala
21:35 Vukovar
22:25 Too Many Poets

£4.50 on the door, advance (and cheaper) tickets