Why should you use stickers for business marketing?


Stickers are an underrated marketing campaign. Most companies just assume that it will damage their brand name since its cheap and common. Compared to those flashy ads, stickers may seem lackluster, but the value they grant you to your brand is next to none.

As you may have noticed, stickers have been around for quite a long time. They are simple, easy to create and can be easily distributed among your customers. the best thing about stickers is their flexibility. Not only can they function as a solo marketing campaign, but can also boost the popularity of the other types of campaigns as well.

For instance, you can give out stickers to your customers may be at a local event or as a gift for achieving certain milestones with your company. However, you can also incorporate them in with marketing strategies.

  • You can give out stickers with every flyer or make some special edition ones and give them away to lucky winners in a lottery you cast during the holiday seasons.
  • You can also host games on your social media platforms and give them away as rewards. Or you can give them away separately, the possibilities are endless.
  • Stickers can even be turned into profitable products. Provided that you are a moderately distinguished company in your respective trade, you can invest in some special stickers. Of course, they will be limited edition, but you can also some cool mechanics that highlights the theme of your company.

Customers who are moved by these creations will spend money to buy and use them.

  • Stickers can also do a decent job of word-of-mouth advertisement. You need to understand that these are unique. Unlike stickers, people who wrap flyers or ads on their backpacks and not look like idiots. On the contrary, a well-designed sticker could blend in nicely with your current fashion statement.

If people start doing it, then they are advertising your brand, in a good and appealing way, without you having to pay a single dime.

  • The success of stickers lies in the fact that most people don’t acknowledge it as an advertisement at all. Businesses are opening up around every corner, all of them advertising their own products. Most customers overwhelmed by this huge influx of ads tend not to notice them at all.

A sticker is more like a personal endorsement than an actual business tactic. You can give them away for promotional and recommendation purposes and people might consider using them somewhere where someone finally notices it. It’s a far better option compared to flyers that mostly every end up throwing away.

Old school stickers are a great way to initiate word of mouth advertising. Regardless of you being a well-endowed company or a small one, sticker marketing campaigns are a great way to pull in some customers while paving the way for more in the future.

They are well received by most people and can also be used to provide additional information regarding your company and trade. Add a good design to it and you’ll have a remarkable marketing campaign just waiting to be released into the world