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Whisky pre-order now open

The Wait is Over


After what has felt like the longest wait in the history of Oxford, our inaugural Oxford Rye Whisky is ready.
                                And what we can tell you now is that our (and your) three years of patience has paid off with a whisky well worth the wait.
                                Distilled from 70% rye, 20% wheat and 10% malted barley, this whisky is a celebration of our fields, with herbal notes from the rye, nuts and caramel from the wheat and sweet malted barley combining with oaky vanilla. The process packs some punch too; our trusty still, Nautilus, brings toasty sourdough, while the fermentation process provides fruity creaminess, all balanced with the clove and nutmeg notes of aging in virgin American oak casks.
                                With every pre-ordered bottle of our inaugural Oxford Rye Whisky we are delighted to include an invitation to our exclusive virtual tasting with our Master Distiller Chico Rosa and award-winning spirits writer, Becky Paskin. All pre-ordered bottles will be despatched for guaranteed delivery before our exclusive tasting, and before our Oxford Rye Whisky goes on general sale on 23rd April 2021. 
                                A limited run, this batch will never be repeated.






“It’s impossible not to be impressed by The Oxford Artisan Distillery’s first rye whisky. It’s warming, bready and spicy on the nose with hints of coconut, anise and toasted marshmallow, while the palate delivers incredible depth with a rich fruitiness that moves into buttery, toasted rye bread slathered with melty, chocolatey Nutella. I’m amazed by how much flavour and complexity has been packed into this young whisky. Yet it still retains an important balance between spirit and cask that allows the beautiful heritage rye character to shine through.”