When science and music combine, James Yuill makes magic


When I think of science, in my head appears a chemical junkie immersed within a laboratory full of fluorescent-coloured potions in tall vials.

When I think of what that guy would listen to whilst getting ready for work in the morning, my answer is James Yuill. And to me, that sounds like one hell of a great trip without actually having to take acid.

If you feel like having a similar experience, then look no further than *The Cellar September 15.

Having studied audio forensics whilst at university, James gained an unconventional expertise in delving into the world of sound brought in as criminal evidence.

So it is of no surprise at all that Yuill’s latest album, A Change In State,┬áis like experiencing a chemical reaction which after one track brings you out the other end of the rabbit whole.

James said: “I found that by taking things ‘out of the box’, I was able to bring in not just other sounds, but other spaces.”

To draw in some past tours you could’ve been likely to see him alongside the likes of Hot Chip, M83, Pheonix and Royksopp – all of which he has toured with at various venues across the world.

But to get some perspective on what makes James so remarkable, and his music so intruiging, is that his influences range from Aphex Twin to Nick Drake. This in turn has probably helped pave the way to his established place within the folktronica genre.

The title of his latest album starts to act as a no-brainer when it comes to how electrifying and transcending Yuill’s music is.

James added: “I realised how many songs on the album refer to flames, fire, warmth or sources of heat.

“This title ties that together. The change in atoms when moving through states; they start off close together and them as they become more excited, they move further apart.”

*Note to reader: Another reason you should get down to Yuill’s gig at The Cellar is to show your support for one of our favourite independent music venues.

As you may of heard The Cellar is risking closure, so there is no better way of showing team Cellar your support by letting them do what they do best: host amazing music.

For further information about the event, and to purchase tickets, click here.