Uncover secret Oxford with a walking tour

Oxford, the city of dreaming spires and spying dreamers is an incredibly rich destination - brimming with cultural wonders and historical highlights - so much so that it can all be a struggle working out where to go and what to do.

This is where Visit Oxford Tours can lend a guiding hand. Taking a walking tour is one of the best ways of getting to know the city inside out.

Relying on the expert knowledge of a professional guide can help lift the lid on fascinating facts that might otherwise pass you by - for example, who knew that Brasenose College (pronounced Brass Nose) gets its name from the unusual bronze door knocker which dates from the 11th century and was stolen by some rebellious students from Lincolnshire in 1334 and put on a house in Stamford.

It was only returned to its rightful place 500 years later when the college bought the whole house just to get the door knocker back.

It is just these sort of important facts that can enrich your appreciation if you sign up for one of the Oxford City and University Walking Tours.

But… the fun doesn’t stop there. Perhaps you’re an incurable Harry Potter fan or you might have a thing for the crazy world of Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse - nil desperandum… Visit Oxford Tours have got you covered with specialist walking tours to cover all manner of niche interests - after all, Oxford is the home of English eccentricity.

Speaking of which, if you’re ever in the eastern suburbs of Oxford, you might just want to mosey over to 2 New High Street in Headington where you can find an unassuming terraced house… with a massive 25-foot-long shark sticking out of the roof.

Like I said anything eccentric is entirely normal in Oxford - in fact it’s encouraged.

  • Mad Hatter’s Oxford Walking Tour: Visit Christchurch, the home of Lewis Carroll and Alice and discover how real-life events inspired the development of Oxford’s most famous story. Led by Oxford’s political candidate for the Monster raving Loony party.
  • Harry Potter in Oxford Walking Tour: See how Hogwart’s student life compares with an Oxford education. See world-famous Harry potter film sites. Potter-mania quiz to win prizes.
  • Inspector Morse Oxford Tour: help solve Inspector Morse’s crime riddles. Visit film sites & learn about how Oxford ‘town and gown’ have never been the best of friends over the years. Tour ends at Morse’s favourite pub.
  • Shakespeare Street Theatre Oxford Tour: Enjoy street theatre comic sketches against Oxford backdrops as part of an anecdotal walking tour to introduce Shakespeare’s Oxford connections and the life of a Shakespearean player.
  • Oxford Tapas Food Tasting Tours: Enjoy sampling 4 or 5 of Oxford’s best food market stalls on the Oxford Tapas food tasting tour.
  • Oxford’s Comic Ghost-Hunting Tour: A tongue-in-cheek ghost tour led by an Oxford prison-keeper. The guide offers a selection of lively stories and anecdotes about Oxford’s darker side.