Truck Festival is this week! – ‘I’ve wanted to go for ages’

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Is this Truck’s best line-up so far? It’s definitely a contender!

I’ve wanted to go to Truck for ages. The review back in 2010 from The Guardian – donning it “the godfather of the UK’s small festival scene” – certainly peaked my interest, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

After two trips to Glastonbury and Reading I have become more drawn to niche festivals (Hop Farm was the lifetime highlight). But based on Truck’s line-up I might be boarding a bigger boat than originally anticipated… And it’s not surprising, with this year’s headliners as Foals, Wolf Alice and Two Door Cinema Club (and the fact that the festival sold-out)!

Headliners aside this year the line-up throughout is seemingly flawless – I can’t wait to see IDLES, Johnny Marr, Cassels, Yonaka, Don Broco, Mallory Knox, Ten Tonnes and so many more!

On top of this there are some amazing female fronted bands, and solo artists hitting the stages this year that are definitely on my watch list.

Girls on tour

Some of these acts have been on my radar for quite some time, so I am thrilled that they’re all going to be performing over one weekend!

Kate Nash

Where do you start with Kate Nash?

She’s one of the original DIY-musicians who came to fame through Myspace and became one of the most relatable musicians to teenagers in their mid-2000s. Her flourish of straight-talking, indie-pop has since made Nash a household name, and she’s back!

The Japanese House

The Japanese House – aka Amber Bain – takes away the dark, 80s use of synth and instead makes it airy and melodic alongside soft layers of vocals that also merge in with the sound created. Although light, these dream-like melodies have a sadness looming over them – it’s beautifully and painfully addictive.

Swimming Girls

I saw this four-piece from Bristol in 2017 at Maida Vale – live in session for BBC Introducing in the West.

What was great was that although this was no ordinary set in front of a crowd, they maintained this gothic finesse throughout their performance – a chic but casual demeanour for sure, but their dark take on dream-pop was all that was needed to get my blood racing.


For me, a lot of anticipation has been building to see this trio from Limerick live.

I’m trying to think what first attracted me to whenyoung – I think a tune of theirs came on in my car… This infectious nu-wave rock, that riled me up with liberating energy, just came blaring through through my speakers. I’ve been hooked since.

Delving into their other tracks they’ve got a gracious, and very polished, ability in consistently building their songs through echoed lyrics and rumbling bass lines – it’s so very seductive and catchy.

They’ve also paid a great tribute to The Cranberries with their cover of ‘Dreams’.

She Drew The Gun

I am gutted I missed these guys in Oxford earlier this year. Gutted! But no matter, Truck is just round the corner…

This four-piece from Liverpool are rejuvenating the indie-pop scene with their psychedelic rhythms, paralleled by punk edges of angst thrown in by the well-executed use of spoken word.

Whilst tapping into the darker side of pop, She Drew The Gun entwine this with the earlier roots of raucous indie-rock – it’s empowering, political and indelible – enabling them to successfully blend a mix of genres, as opposed to recklessly dipping inconsistently in and out. Yes, these guys are solid, creative and what we need right now.

In conversation with Ten Tonnes

Ahead of his tour I caught up with Ten Tonnes, aka Ethan Barnett, to talk about festivals, and one in particular – Truck!

Ethan said, “I’m excited for festivals this year, more than any other year, because the album’s going to be out, and it feels like it’s built around more of a thing rather than a few random songs. Hopefully by that point people would have heard it [Ten Tonnes] and made up their mind if they want to come and see me, or not. But festivals are really fun, and they can produce really random, amazing gigs.

“On a professional level I’ve wanted to play Truck for ages – I think it always has such a cool line-up and definitely fits in with the music that I make. There’s a lot of young, indie kids into guitar music so that should be a good one!”

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