Top 5 Oscars Hairstyles from 2022 by Celebrities

The Oscars are the event for celebrities to dress up and show their fashion sense to their fans. While the awards are held to appreciate the work of these incredibly talented and conscientious artists, the artists enjoy the event by glamming themselves up.

Numerous famous hair and makeup artists provide their services so that all the celebrities can look their best on the red carpet. Along with the fancy and glamorous dresses, the hair must complement the look to make it fashion-approved.

The looks that celebrities opt for in this exclusive event are discussed the whole year and are criticised and rated by the fashion experts.

Here are five hair looks from the academy awards that you can recreate yourself.

Beyonce’s Ponytail

The long and wavy ponytail with a sleek and clean extreme side part complimented Beyonce’s extravagant attire at the awards. The voluminous ponytail can easily be recreated with gel and invisible hair extensions.

Wrap a piece of your hair around the hairband, and apply a little gel on top for a cleaner look.

Kelly Roland’s Straight hair

Long straight hair may never go out of trend. Kelly elevated this classic and simple look as she added length to her already straight hair. The increased hair size added the extravagant factor that she needed to complement her glamorous gown.

You can attain this hairstyle by using clip-in hair extensions that are extra-long. The rest of the look is middle-parted straightened hair.


Anya Taylor Joy’s Simple Bun


Anya Taylor Joy chooses to go for a simple hair look that puts her face and attire in the limelight. Sometimes, when you opt for a high fashioned, extreme look, you may want to tone it down with your hairstyle.

Make sure you finely brush your hair backward with hairspray to hide the broken hair to recreate this look. In such a simple look, the key is to make it as clean as possible; any protruding hair may decrease the charm of the hairstyle.

Lily James’s Light Layers

Lily James looked gorgeous with a middle part of slightly voluminous, light-layered hair. She has long and blended layers that give the subject a royal appearance. Her long hair compliments her laced dress.

You can brace this look with a hair straightener if you have straight hair. You may get the flicked-out blow-dried hair look by turning the straighter inwardly towards your face in a circle while straightening your hair.

Rita Ora’s Classy Waves

The classy old Hollywood waves can be a compliment to your red lipstick. The old Hollywood waves make a perfect pair for a glamorous night outfit.  These side-parted waves are easy to create, as you only need a set of hair curlers or curling rods to get your hair to look red carpet ready.

Rita Ora’s hair complimented her hair and dress as she opted for a dramatic puff sleeve cape with a plunging neckline. These classy waves have enhanced the complete look of Rita, which has become trendy in the fashion world.