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This is New Music by Mark Muggeridge

Surfer Luke Kordyl spent 12 months or so travelling the globe in search of the best breaks. Along the way he spent time writing music and performing in beach side cafes without thinking too much of it. Arriving in the UK his music picked up some interest and so he spent time in the recording studio putting a few tracks down, again in laid back surfer style and not thinking much of it. Now,recorded under a stage name of The Bloom, his debut single, How It Starts is making waves of its own on the internet and industry types are knocking on his door wondering, could this chap be the next Jack Johnson. How It Starts appeals to people who love a little pop with their rock but which digs a little deeper and aims to get under your skin. Sunny, feel good emotions are counter­balanced by darker undertones. Of his music Luke says, ‘I just wanted to make fun music that’s easy to listen and move to and is entertaining. Travelling for as long as I did chasing waves really opens your eyes to what’s going on around you and that every little scenario you find yourself in is worthy of a story. You’ll find How It Starts on Spotify but if you want to download it you’ll need to head over to The Bloom’s website and sign up to his mailing list. Key Track: How It Starts (