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This is New Music by Mark Muggeridge

Amy Belle and Audrey Nugent are it seems fated to be together as a duo. Having both been members of the sometime successful The Alice Band they kept in contact over time and distance after the act disbanded; when Amy relocated back to London from Glasgow, they began writing together. Back in 2012 they recorded and self­-released an album called Seeing Stars. Incredibly the album is only now beginning to get the recognition it deserves showing that hard work sometimes takes a while to pay off in the music business. Super strong song­writing is the hallmark that shows through on Seeing Stars; it perfectly counterpoints with the girls’ impeccable vocals. Tailor­made for lovers of rich orchestrally styled folk pop, the album’s diverse material offers something for everybody. From the laid­back vibe of Little Prayers, ideal for lazy mornings that push into sunny afternoons to album opener, Doves with it’s up- tempo ambition and aspiration. None other than Robert Plant has Nugent & Belle as his support act for a series of shows set in forests in the near future and they’ve supported Rodriguez in the recent past as well. Key Tracks: Bones and Little Bird.