The Peculiar Gin Company launches raunchy new drink – Jezabel


I remember when I first got a taste for gin – whether or not that’s a high or low point is another story.

Maybe it was my exposure to the scorching sun, – maybe it was because I was on board a yacht enjoying a crab salad that it made sense to keep up appearances – but for the life of me that gin and tonic felt like the most refreshing drink I have ever tasted. I don’t think there was anything particularly fancy about the brand, but over ice with a dash of tonic and some lemon? Heaven in the middle of the Irish sea. Since then I have been a loyal disciple of the stuff.

Since my introduction to the spirit craft gins have only continued to offer more unique flavours and styles, and I was keen to see what the latest company on my radar, Peculiar Gin founded by Sara Witham and Lisa Flack, have done to match their competitors.

What made you and Lisa decide to enter the gin industry?

A mutual appreciation of gin, plus several years of events experience, we wanted to create a range of events that we would love to go to. I guess we are our own demographic!

Where did the idea come from to theme the gin around a “Victorian lady of the night”?

Jezabel was always the name as we both loved it, she just turned into this Victorian lady when we saw the first drafts of the branding, we then made up a story about her. Some of the botanicals are really unusual and exotic so we thought she might have ‘worked’ in a port.

What’s the perfect location and food pairing for Jezabel?

We always say she’s best enjoyed with company, she probably won’t last long though! Perfect for a summer drink in the garden, easy to drink all night and no reported hangovers so far! We haven’t gone into food pairings yet but it’s something we would love to explore.

Why would you recommend Jezabel?

Jezabel is very much a crowd pleaser, the secret recipe means that one of the botanicals has undergone a brand-new process which makes the gin taste thoroughly amazing. It’s light and sweet which is probably why so many people love it. It’s truly craft and extremely small batch so has been lovingly made too.

Are there any plans for the future?

Plans are to bring beautiful gin to the people! We have our Peculiar Gin Festival coming up on September 29 at the Platform in Swindon. This is going to be much more fun than your average Gin Fest. We’ve got peculiar entertainment, rocking bands, artists, hair stylists, delicious street food and a cocktail train carriage with our own peculiar mixologist.

Tickets are still available for The Peculiar Gin Company’s Festival – for further information visit