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The greatest opportunity for aspiring young actors!

Young actors are invited to partake in an intense but educational workshop! You will be teamed with inspiring professionals and set about on a journey of acquiring new skills and experience.

Using methods learned from cinematic greats like ‘Mike Leigh’ we will work shop, devise and improvise then shoot a short film in a week.

Local Filmmakers Doug Kirby (The Bloke Code, A Chequer Board of Nights) and Alex Secker (Follow the Crows) lead the team with young actors assisting and guest work shop leaders like Rosie Jane who recently appeared as Bill Potts Mum in Doctor Who.

The Story we are creating is inspired by the legend of Tristan and Isolde (think Sir Lancelot and Guinevere) but set in a dystopian alternate universe where a virus wiped out any one over 10 a decade ago, the survivors are immune and have grown up in a brighter than “Lord of the Flies” type world. Equality rules in this meritocracy forced by the need to survive. But separate tribes raid each others supplies, can a truce be made? Will love conquer all or make matters worse? Our Tribe contemplates this before Mother (their chief a 16 year old girl) sends an envoy off to Witan.

Its not just a summer school for kids, aspiring young actors will gain essential show reel material,IMDb (Internet Movie Database) credit and a film festival entry with the finished creation. So if your off to University or Stage/Film School as and actor or Filmmaker sign up for some invaluable experience and a career enabling head start.

The workshop runs from Monday 24th to Friday 28th July 10am-4pm daily at the Bohemian Balcony. The premier is on Saturday 29th July 7pm.

Doug Kirby stated “I’m delighted Alex Secker is leading this week he’s a natural story teller. I cant wait to be there on the first day and see the final film at its premier on Saturday 29th July at the Bohemian Balcony (the old Palladium cinema Rodbourne). It will then go on to international festivals”

Rosie Jane said “I’m so excited to be returning to Swindon, the Film & Comiccon at Steam was my first signing and every one was so welcoming. I’m especially looking forward to passing on tips to the young actors and sharing my experiences both on set and in applying for drama school”

Dan Rivers of the Bohemian Balcony believes “its great to be working with another local group promoting Drama and Performing Arts to new generations. The confidence and team work projects like this instil will reap rewards for all”

A prequel is being shot at the end of the school holidays in Reading also bookable on the little box office link.

To Book -

Please email Doug on with questions and queries or phone him at 07946364232.

  • The greatest opportunity for aspiring young actors!