By Ryan Thompson

The future is hard to predict, especially due to the rapid advances in technology each day. However VR and cloud streaming could influence the future and change our daily lives.

Virtual Reality may have a big role in the future as it is constantly increasing in popularity. Already some projects are underway to create a social media platform based solely in VR. Perhaps in the future even more social media platforms like Facebook will start to appear in VR and maybe every form of social media will be set in a virtual world, where they can have their own avatars and meet up with friends, or have a work meeting. With virtual reality there is an infinite amount of potential.

One day, virtual reality might be mainstream and could have a huge role in our daily lives, be that our social lives or work.

Cloud streaming can also be a part of the future as users can have instant access to various games and files if they so wish without needing to download anything. Work files could be instantly shared and edited without any required download or a need to save any changes to the users computer, google images could be copied and pasted somewhere else without it passing through the users computer. Everything could be done online, and lag could potentially be removed altogether.

I personally think that gaming and gaming technology such as VR for instance, will be so integrated into our society that we will be surrounded by it.