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The Coconut Tree, Oxford - luscious Sri Lankan street food, superb 'cocotails'

Before heading out on a minor bar crawl up Cowley Road, I made the adult decision of grabbing some food first.

Conveniently situated just a two-minute walk from where I was staying, I spied ‘Sri Lankan street food’ on the corner of Saint Clements Street and without hesitation I found myself at the bar asking for a table. If you’re like me, - indecisive and basically want everything on the menu - then you’re in luck because The Coconut Tree is Sri Lankan street food served tapas style with an abundance of meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from. Accompanied by my vegan compadre we went in for the Five C’s, Chickpeas in fried coconut oil, Fat Sister (Pumpkin Curry), Cashew Nuts, Vegan Kotthu, and red rice - essentially a banquet of herb and spice infused veggie goods. Odd as it may sound my personal favourite was actually the Five C’s - a crisp, fresh and cooling salad made up of carrots, cucumber, coriander, shaved coconut and a few green chillies. It was the perfect dish to counteract the fire from within some of the other meals. Meanwhile the ‘are you sure you want to stay a vegetarian’ part of my brain was undoubtedly eyeing up the Goat Curry, Beef Kotthu, Devilled Squid, and Black Pork. It soon became evident that The Coconut Tree is a smorgasbord for all appetites and dietary requirements. Pre-empting a weary night ahead on Cowley Road I stuck to the one cocktail, or ‘Cocotails’ as they’ve been aptly named, from the beautifully illustrated menu. I went in for a Rio Rumble, - mango liquor and rum - whilst my dinner date strayed from the 2 for £10 menu and selected a TCT Old Fashioned - whiskey, chocolate and orange. To be fair, no regrets were had and that’s mainly because The Coconut Tree is a bargain for luscious street food, a small selection of superb cocotails, served by friendly staff in a stylish venue. Will definitely be returning.