The Lechlade Festival
The Lechlade Festival
The best combination of food and entertainment in London

Move from your comfort zone and try looking around for beautiful places. Swingers Crazy Golf, is one of the premium entertainment venues in London. If you are visiting London it is one of the unique experiences to try for yourself.. They have friendly courses in urban areas for leisure time. Visitors have been eager to book tickets since its reopening in May and the experience has been unmatched even with the COVID protocols in place .

With two venues in the City of London, and the West End, Swingers Golf are located in the perfect spots for those looking to have a night out. Both venues offer two nine-hole courses designed with a British theme and providing a signature experience for visitors who can also come to the venue for food and drinks exclusively.

Located by the Gherkin, the City branch provides two signature courses, the beautiful Lighthouse and Windmill course which will challenge your ability to balance tasty cocktails with crazy golf competition. The West End Swingers venue is located just off Oxford Circus and the venue is designed with a theme which reimagines the faded glamour of the 1920s English Riviera. has stirred be roaring in the twenties, establishing the courses to the English riviera.

The nine hole course comes with gourmet street food options such as pizza, tacos, burgers to name a few to add to the overall experience. Scorecards are an afterthought, with 3-D picture booths that invite golfers to compete for 1st place. Challenge putt elements include a ticking 25-foot clocktower capped off with a circular LED display seen from the top bar.

Swingers competitive socialising element make it an ideal venue to host different occasions like team building, a simple night out clusters of networks, client entertainment, and birthday parties. It also has a variety of selected areas and packages open for groups of 13-500 people.

Food and drinks

The traditional night out at the nightclub can get repetitive, so it is better to reload with an outstanding range of street food like ice-cream from Hackney Gelato West End only, pizza pals Made of Dough West End and Pizza Pilgrims City, Mexican mavericks Breddos Taco and last but not least burger buddies Patty & Bun.

Talk about the extensive list of drinks at Swingers, inclusive of cocktails. Some of the most popular cocktails include the bourbon espresso martini and the Aperol combo and Limoncello.

The other better part is that Swingers have a chance to pimp up the courses more during the lockdown-enforced closing. Each course has been renovated with brand new tricky devilish installations with carousels, Ferris wheels, water wheel, and clock towers, among the obstacles you need to go through to dethrone competitors to become the Swingers grand winner.

If you are looking for a date night activity, look no further because Swingers has your back. It is beautifully situated with romantic settings and accomodating staff members who care for all your needs without hesitation. A quick last-minute change, and they are there to bring everything to perfection. How lovely is that?

Wondering where it is situated? The Swingers’ Crazy Golf West End branch on 15 John Prince’s Street, W1G 0AB, closest station is Oxford Circus. The Swingers Crazy Golf City branch is at 8 Brown’s Buildings, EC3A 8AL, closest station is Aldgate.

Both branches are open for bookings between 12:30 pm and 11 pm. It costs £13 per person per round at peak times or £10 per round during off-peak hours (Monday to Wednesday before 5 pm).