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Show exploring Woolf and the history of feminism within literature comes to Swindon

Swindon Arts Centre will be providing members of the public with the opportunity to learn more about Virginia Woolf and one of the early feminist movements of the past.

A Room of One’s Own from Dyad Productions will be visiting Swindon’s Arts Centre on Sunday 22 May. 

The award-winning creators of Austen’s Women, I, Elizabeth, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, Orlando, Female Gothic, Christmas Gothic, The Time Machine, The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe and Dalloway return with a 21st century take on Virginia Woolf’s celebrated pre-TED talk. 

A spokesperson for the event said: “Take a wry, amusing, and incisive trip through the history of literature, feminism, and gender.  Meet Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, and Shakespeare’s sister – Judith!  Travel to the far-flung future of… 2028.  But whatever you do, Keep Off the Grass.”

In the show this May, Rebecca Vaughan (Dalloway, Orlando, Austen’s Women, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography) performs Woolf’s 1928 exploration of the impact of poverty and sexual inequality on intellectual freedom and creativity.

The running time will be approximately 65 minutes. 

Tickets can be found online at or by calling the ticket office on 0343 310 0040.

Review information:

“If you haven’t seen Dyad Productions’ work before, you simply must” - British Theatre Guide

“Some of the most electrifying character work available, up to and including Berkoff” - Fringe Review

“Perfection… Vaughan is simply sublime” - Huffington Post