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Review: Thriller Live in Concert at the Wyvern Theatre -

By Karen Randall 

When you see a tribute act playing at a venue, you kind of think, “Yes, I’ll go see that, I’m sure it will be quite good”, which is what I thought about Jackson at the Wyvern. I love Michael Jackson’s music so I thought why not give this a try and see what he’s like.

This was my first time to the Wyvern - yes my first time ever. I was impressed, I obviously didn’t have a clue where I was going but all the staff were very helpful in pointing out the bar area, (something of particular interest to my boyfriend) and where we entered to take our seats.

Once seated, which were pretty awesome seats by the way, we had the perfect view - we took a standard theatre selfie, and waited patiently for the show to start. From the second the show started to the second it ended I was in amazement at just how unbelievable this guy was.

The look, the voice, the dancing, literally everything was perfect and a great tribute to Michael Jackson. I took my partner along with me, - as he also appreciated a bit of MJ music - and I could definitely see him bopping away throughout some of the songs (I’m pretty sure he even sang along a little bit too). Needless to say if MJ’s tribute act, CJ, can get my man dancing then he can get anyone involved! I cannot pick just one highlight of the night, as the whole night was a highlight. Jackson Live in concert is all over the UK in 2019, and I would highly recommend going to see this show!

  • Review: Thriller Live in Concert at the Wyvern Theatre -