REVIEW: The Red House, Newbury – “quite simply a taste of the country”


As far as British pubs go, The Red House in Newbury is about as traditional as you can get.

Tucked away amongst fields sits a quaint thatched barn in Marsh Benham. Had it not been for the signs leading us down towards the entrance of a cottaage door, I would have been convinced it was someone’s home. And, this is telling of what to expect inside. 

Whether you sit in the bar or designated restaurant area there’s something very homely about The Redhouse – I imagine this to be what tourists think everywhere in England looks like.

The menu matches the aesthetics in this regard – we’re in game territory now, and the menu boasts Guinness braised ox cheeks & black pudding, onion croquettes, buttery mash, Beef bourguignon and Grilled lamb’s liver. I turned my attention to the salmon and crab fish cakes on the specials board, accompanied by salad and fries.

The consistency was more pasty than flaky, and with that the fish cakes tasted incredibly fresh and rich – which really complemented the texture of the breadcrumbs. My only qualm was the wooden chopping block on which my lunch was served. It’s more of a preference thing, but it can make dining more of a task – and I was enjoying the homely food dished up on a plate aesthetic, – as seen with my colleagues’ dishes – because the food speaks for itself at The Red House.

What became quickly evident after our meal is that this is home dining at its best – motherly portions within a ‘Country Living-esque’ dining room – where the interior, like the food itself, is quite simply a taste of the country.