Words by Xavier Pickford

There is no easing in with new Amazon Prime series The Boys.

You get thrown straight into this strange and brutal parallel universe where people are even more obsessed with superheroes.

Just like our world they attend red carpet events, give interviews, visit sick children and star in films however unlike our superheroes they’re real! Which sounds great until a newly rising goodie-two-shoes pageant raised “supe” joins some fellow heroes in The Seven and we begin to delve a little Deep-er. Things are not always as they seem.

The Seven are “managed” like film stars, heavily controlled and watched, told what to wear, where to go and who to save by Vought corporation supposedly for their own good. As corporations in these sorts of shows tend to, Vought raise a lot of questions with their avoidance techniques and non-disclosure settlements.

I wonder who the supervillain of this series is?

Some scenes leave you at a loss “should I laugh, should I recoil in disgust?” others leave you angry or finding yourself feeling sorry for a “bad guy”, and some are simply bizarre for example SPOILER ALERT Laser gun babies pew pew! I wonder if some of this strange humour could be credited to producer Seth Rogan.

Eric Kripke’s writing shows his talent with clever character development through almost all of the players in this story. This is the same style we see in his other shows like Supernatural.

However true to the comics The Boys is considerably more brutal and gore filled than Kripke’s other shows.

One of my fellow nerd favourite actors also makes an appearance, although he was the original inspiration for the comic version of the main protagonist Hughie, Simon Pegg unfortunately is about 24 years too… aged for this role. Instead he plays a smaller role as Hughie’s father! Overall the casting is excellent.

A grieving Hughie is dragged into a group of questionable but lovable misfits called The Boys, led by rough Londoner Butcher, a man scorned and on a war path to get his revenge on the supes!

The final episode is a real cliff-hanger ending and I can’t wait for series Two!