4th July -US Independence Day or as many Netflix fans will know it, Stranger Things 3 Day. The hit Netflix show is back for a third and possibly the best season yet.

Did I watch all the episodes in one day? Yes. Will I regret it when there’s not another season for a possible 2 years? Probably. The Duffer Brothers have done it again and Stranger Things season 3 has not disappointed.

Quite possibly their best season yet, the sci-fi drama has taken it up another notch and created another eight great episodes with a definite increase in gore! The budget for this season has clearly been heightened, and the homage to the 1980s was brilliant, with the new shopping mall for this season really adding to the overall vibe. From the soundtrack to fashion, you really can’t forget the era in which this programme is set.

However, you can’t forget the real stars of the show. The young cast, including rising star, Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, continued to blow me away with their phenomenal acting, you almost forgot that most of them are only 14 to 16 years old. But as well as the original cast, there is also new members including Maya Hawke as Robin, a worker at Scoops Ahoy and colleague of Steve’s, and Priah Ferguson, who returns as Caleb’s younger sister Erica in a recurring role. With her sassy comments like “You can’t spell America without Erica” she has quickly become one of my favourite characters!

As well as its usual gore and guts, thanks to the mindflayer, this season is also incredibly emotional and I am not ashamed to say that a moving letter by Jim Hopper at the end of episode 8 did make me shed a tear or two!

If you are still yet to watch this brilliant web series, then it is available to watch on Netflix.co.uk