I really wanted to like Polar, I truly did. But it just fell so flat.

The gist: The world’s greatest assassin, Duncan, aka the “Black Kaiser” (Mads Mikkelsen), is up for retirement. Duncan’s boss sends teenage assassins to kill him so the company can swipe his retirement funds (if he doesn’t make it to retirement the money goes back to the company).

Given that the film is based on Victor Santos’ graphic novel “Polar: Came From the Cold”, you’re half expecting hyper-violence – it’s just a shame this is relied on the entire way through.

Mads Mikkelsen is everything he is supposed to be – he’s stern, blunt and with that accidentally humorous. Whilst residing in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, befriending his new sad-girl neighbour (Vanessa Hudgens), the ‘bad-ass’ bandits seek high and low to kill him.

The assassins are spread thinly on ‘Harley Quin’ sadism – you know, where a hot girl laughs as she tortures someone, attempting to give her that sexy psycho vibe – and it quickly becomes over-used and doesn’t have the same finesse.

When the Black Kaiser does kick into action there are some easy-watching kicks to be had, but Polar then gets caught back into the same narrative whirl pool that keeps going around in circles with no fun slide at the end.

It’s annoying, because it seems as though you know where the movie wants to go but it just keeps missing the turning.