This has to be the slowest and most expensive car crash of a situation I have ever seen.

The gist: An exploration into the power of marketing and social media which casts a storm over what is meant to be a luxurious festival in the Bahamas. In other words: how not to put on a festival.

It’s amazing really – watching the Fyre promo videos yourself you’d think you’d be spending up to $100,000 on a ticket to party like, and with, top models on a beach. It was quite a spectacle to behold when videos came through on the news and social media of what looked like feral rich kids on a desert island. What this documentary offers is the fundamental real cost – deception, fraud and theft. 

You then have to ask, ‘who are all the culprits?’ Billy McFarland? Absolutely. Ja Rule? He seems to wander off… The models? This is where it gets interesting – they, like many other people were certainly blindsided but you have Kendall Jenner accepting $250,000 to post on Instagram while a local restaurant owner, Maryann Rolle, lost thousands of dollars making food for the stranded rich kids. Furthermore, many other Bahamian residents were promised money in return for their work on the festival and the Fyre crew legged it. It’s harrowing when this is foreshadowed by all the warning signs that read “stop”.

As a film this has been put together really well – kudos. You’d think as a documentary it’s hard to go wrong, but it definitely has happened before. The story is fluid, researched, informative, and still evokes a melodramatic thrill. A must-see.