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[REVIEW] Coppa Clifton Village easing people back into relaxed dining

By Swindon’s Barrie Hudson

I was invited to come to Coppa Clifton Village, one of Bristol’s newest restaurants, and sample its menu. It would have been rude to refuse.

How was it?

Well, after accepting such an invitation - as opposed to turning up anonymously - I always ask myself (a) would I go back on my own, open my wallet and hand over money for more of the same and (b) more importantly, would I recommend others to try the place for themselves?

In the case of Coppa Clifton Village, a firm ‘yes’ is the answer to both questions.

The bright but cosy decor of the place, which nestles in Clifton’s Regent Street as though it’s been there for years, helps it to pull off the tricky feat of not looking like a chain premises even though it is part of a chain - albeit an upmarket one. 

The laid-back atmosphere and friendly, efficient staff were reassuring to diners still relearning what it is to relax in a restaurant after the last 18 months or so.

The menu is suitable for people wanting anything from a light snack and a well-made cocktail to a complete pull-out-the-stops dinner.

For starters we chose what turned out to be perfect parmezan croquets and zucchini fritti, followed by an equally excellent smoked haddock and salmon fish cake and a specialitity hot sourdough pizza. Dessert came in the form of sticky toffee pudding with crushed honeycomb and other delights and some of the best pecan pie I have ever tried.

The full menu, including plenty of vegetarian, vegan, and other options, can be found at

  • [REVIEW] Coppa Clifton Village easing people back into relaxed dining
  • [REVIEW] Coppa Clifton Village easing people back into relaxed dining