REVIEW: Abducted in Plain Sight – “a mind-bending affair”


I’ve seen this twice now – once for my own curiosity, and the second time was purely to watch people’s reaction when seeing it for the first time. Priceless.

The gist: A man abducts, molests, and marries his neighbours’ daughter. Meanwhile, somewhere in between, the parents of said daughter continue to have a relationship with the man/paedophile… 

Don’t get me wrong, this documentary’s plight is harrowing – a woman (Jan Broberg) who was groomed, abducted and molested at 12-years-old is sharing her story and using it to educate people on the signs of paedophiles/sexual predators. It’s quite extraordinary. But, the tragic thing about this story, for me, is that her experiences are overshadowed by her parents’ moronic actions (or inactions).

Many unfolding events had me raising my eyebrows, – like the parents letting a man or ‘friendly neighbour’ lay in bed with their child, alone, as part of his ‘therapy’ – but I went full Macaulay Culkin as the mother spoke about having an affair with the man who abducted and married her 12-year-old child. 

Okay, a simple-minded, Church-going family living in a rural community in the 70s can be painted as naive… But the Broberg’s are next level doolally. ‘Love thy neighbour’? Sure. But you don’t give your neighbour a hand job because they have a crap sex life, just out of the blue – regardless of your sexuality.

It’s a mind-bending affair. The ending proves most educationally poignant in regard to Jan’s story, but the story of her parents – which runs alongside – is just the most outrageous Netflix watching I have ever seen.