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Raunchy TV mega hit ‘Boris Island’ given green light for second series

By Norman Smee

One of the BBC’s biggest hits of the spring, the salacious,‘ Boris Island: The Daily DeBriefing’ is to be given a second new series, beginning probably any day now the way the Coronavirus case numbers are rising.

The original low-budget show, which was set up in what looked like the drab meeting room of a Travelodge off the motorway but was apparently the prime minister’s living room, was broadcast daily to a frightened nation who were eager for the next confusing announcement. Boris Island, so named because of the way the three main stars quite often looked all at sea on the cheap polyester carpet, ended up raking in millions of viewers for the BBC, who were all desperate to see the next twist in the turbulent and contradictory lives of three middle-aged men, Boris, Chris and Sir Patrick.

Critics raved in particular at the dramatic foreshadowing in season one, as Maxine Mouser, host of the companion spin-off show, Boris Island’s Little Island: Caught with its undies down, explained: “Week one of the show saw the main star bragging about shaking everyone’s hands in the face of a deadly threat, only for him to succumb to the very thing he was warning everyone else about catching! He nearly came a cropper, and viewers couldn’t get enough. Even the temporary mid-season switch of actors to that weird bald bloke Dominic Rabbit or whatever his name was couldn’t dampen the ratings”,

“Then they ramped up the tension, with the ‘will they, won’t they’ storyline involving ‘the doctor’ Chris Witty gazing longingly across at Boris on his island, only for the cold-hearted Boris to rebuff his advances and lavish his attention on Sir Patrick and his sexy scatter graphs. Social media was alight every night as nervous viewers wondered whether Boris would ever do the right bloody thing.”

Critic Rupinder de Souza, of Rupinder De Souza’s Tellypalooza, agreed:  “The main stars were all encouraged to regularly go off script, which really helped add to that electric ‘live’ atmosphere. Viewers were utterly hooked as the stakes were dramatically raised each episode, and then suddenly, out of nowhere - that spectacular finale with its half price burgers after months of convincing everyone it was too scary to go outside, wow! I mean, you just couldn’t make this stuff up!”