Paloma Faith is set to release a Christmas single in recognition of UK midwives and their tireless work around the festive period.

The Picking Up the Pieces singer has released Silent Night today (30th November) featuring the Pampers #ThankYouMidwife choir of influencers.

For every download £1 will be donated to The Royal College of Midwives Benevolent Fund, which will be used to support midwives in times of need.

The campaign is close to Paloma’s heart.

Her baby – whose gender and name she keeps under wraps – was born prematurely, in a 20-hour labour which resulted in an emergency caesarean.

Paloma Faith X Pampers #ThankYouMidwife Choir selfie

She said: “I am so thankful to my midwives for the uncompromised care and support they gave me and my baby, which is why I jumped at the chance to be involved in Pampers #ThankYouMidwife campaign.

“I had a long, difficult labour, but the midwives were there every step of the way.

“The midwives supported me through a 20-hour labour, working all through the night.

“I wasn’t dilating, the baby was in jeopardy and I had to have an emergency C-section.

“I can never thank the midwives at University College Hospital in London enough for the way they looked after me.

“I know they are doing the same for thousands of other mums and babies across the country, and for that, they should be celebrated.”

According to research 72 per cent of babies are born outside of normal working hours and 4am is the peak time for births.

One in three midwives in the UK say they feel undervalued and underappreciated considering the relentless working schedules.

The Silent Night single also features the Pampers #ThankYouMidwife Choir, a collective of UK parenting influencers, such as Clemmie Hooper (Mother of Daughters), Georgia Jones, the wife of Danny from McFly, and Candice Braithwaite, who all appear in the music video.

Paloma Faith X Pampers #ThankYouMidwife Choir

The public can also share their very own Thank You Midwife story simply by tagging Pampers on social media and #ThankYouMidwife.

As a further token of appreciation, every 1,000 public shares of #ThankYouMidwife posts will contribute to a midwife staffroom makeover in UK hospitals, to give midwives a nicer place to relax during those not-so-silent nights.

So far, one hospital staffroom at Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton has received a makeover, and a minimum of 10 more are planned to take place over the coming months.

Faye Cruickshank from Pampers said: “At Pampers, we want to continue supporting the UK’s midwives for their important role in the happy, healthy development of every baby.

Paloma Faith x Pampers #ThankYouMidwife Choir

“With around 54,000 babies due to be born in December and 4am being the peak time for births, we know the Christmas period doesn’t slow down for UK midwives and we want to say an extra special thank you for this and for their amazing work all year round.”

Paloma’s version of Silent Night is also the soundtrack to Pampers’ new Christmas TV ad, which is set to premiere during the X-Factor Final on Sunday December 2.