With Boomtown Chapter 11 just around the corner, fashion writer Gina Akers looks back at her highlights and what to expect this August!

Everywhere you look there is colour, characters, art works, little caverns leading to a surprise, holes in walls with pathways to a secret gathering, to your left there is a moving installation of light and fluorescence, no actually it’s not, it’s a group of people covered in brightness and day glo materials like a depiction of some kind of external forces. To your right strutting through the slightly muddy ground in the most spectacular of heels, a perfect formation of a number of persons who look like they’ve come straight from Mardi Gras, the revolution starts now! 

Image by George Harrison

Ahead of you lies Paradise, the palace has risen, behind you the largest night club in the country, imposing on the skyline line like an alien presence. If you go beyond paradise a Lions Den can even be found, and all this to the most electric endearing, encouraging and enlightened music and sound. 

Teamed with innovation and immersive interaction in every nook and cranny, you can only be in one place – Boomtown!

Every year for the last 10 years a glorious monster sized entire town rises from farmland in Hampshire. Unsurprisingly last year was considered the best so far. 

Boomtown 2018 by Mike Massaro

It was 2009 where ‘Boomtown Begins’ and since then it has grown into a 66,000 capacity event. Today it continues to flourish, challenge itself and set the bar for the future of festivals. A bit traditional, a bit modern, a bit futuristic but wherever you go within the festival there is no disappearance of boom! 

Different sectors each like a different festival are brought together by multi echos of “Nice One Bruvva” being shouted all over the site. This phrase adopted some years ago by committed Boomtown regulars permeates the festival as a nod towards the iconic ‘excitement of planning a night out’ scene in the cult film Human Traffic starring Danny Dyer and John Simm. 

Paradise at Boomtown 2018 by Victor Frankowski

It’s quite apparent that the backdrop sound to Boomtown is not only its incredible music line-ups (last year including Gorillaz, Die Antwoord and Limp Bizkit) and it’s buzzing crowd but also Boomtowners joyously hollaring “Nice One Bruvva” backwards and forwards to each other constantly (even throughout the night) like a united declaration of togetherness through the festival. The Boomtown devotees live in hope that Danny and John have even the tiniest spec of an idea of what they and their much loved lines mean to the people that inhabit Boomtown every year. 

The key to Boomtowns success has to lie in its unique immersive experience as an icon of interactive music and theatrical events. The theatre, characters, installations, sets, buildings and unrivalled storyline that has existed since the start, all genuinely bring an actual town to life feeling like it can defy the loopholes of time but albeit only really for a few days.

Boomtown 2018, Enter Shikari by Derek Bremner

This synergised with the carefully selected music and acts, is a sure recipe for achievement which has been demonstrated by Boomtowns ongoing progression. 

Each year is a new chapter and no sooner has Boomtown finished for organisers behind the mask it’s pretty much straight back to work. It’s time to get ready for the following year to make it even better than what’s just passed, it’s a machine and the machine never stops, a new story is about to written. 

Boomtown Chapter 11 takes place August 7 to August 11.

Tickets for this years Boomtown Festival are available at: https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk