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New multi-artform work to be streamed via Swindon Dance online

By Tyler Ody

‘The Rule of Seven’ - the first instalment of a new multi-artform work from Tony Adigun will be available through Swindon Dance online this month.

Adigun’s The Rule of Seven will be available for streaming through Swindon Dance’s website between 14 - 18 April. 

A spokesperson describes the plot: “Illegal Dance explores a future where artistic expression is forbidden by oppressive regimes around the world.

“It combines dynamic contemporary choreography with innovative technical stagecraft to portray the tensions in a society that pits order against chaos, security against freedom, and individualism against collective will.”

The piece explores themes of family, society and power and agency.

Virtual tickets are priced between £4 - £10 and can be purchased at

This short film will serve as the first instalment from Illegal Dance, the new multi-artform work from virtuoso choreographer Tony Adrigun. Audience members are said to expect sharp movement and spectacular cinematography. 

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