Neeld Community and Arts Centre, Chippenham


He was hailed as Britain’s Elvis Presley. They were the band that got excited teenagers wearing black- rimmed specs and strumming tennis rackets. Cliff Richard and The Shadows dominated Britpop in the early sixties…..and six decades later, Cliff is still out there wowing the crowds.

And now, top tribute act Simon Goodall and The Bourne Again Shadows will be recreating those fabulous sounds of the sixties at Neeld Community and Arts Centre Chippenham on Saturday 11  July 2020. The band are critically acclaimed as the most authentic Cliff and The Shadows tribute act…..and looking at the comments on their website ( ), it is clear to see why.

For example, listening to some of their music, Bob Henrit, who played with Adam Faith, Argent, Don McLean and The Kinks said ‘I really thought I was listening to a recording of Cliff and the guys! How good is that?’ Fellow musician Pete Lincoln, who worked in Cliff Richards’ band, commented ‘The emulation of The Shadow’s sound is spot on, and the ‘Cliff’ vocals are uncanny.’

Even Sir Cliff himself has said that the band vocalist Simon Goodall ‘….is without doubt the best ‘Cliff Sound- alike’ in the business’.
The band’s repertoire includes Cliff Richard chart-toppers like Summer Holiday, Living Doll, Move It and Please Don’t Tease, and classic Shadows number one hits including Apache, Wonderful Land, Foot Tapper and Dance On.

Simon Goodall, who is a professional solo and session singer, developed his ‘Tribute to Cliff’ act after many people had commented just how much he sounded like Cliff. He teamed up with The Bourne Again Shadows for a debut concert in 2014, and they have worked together regularly since.

Tickets are available from the Box Office: 01249 446699 or online at: goodall-and-the-bourne-again-shadows/