Queen is the first taste of what is to be expected from newly formed five-piece, The Oxymora. And, it’s a compelling introduction from this funk-rock outfit.

The debut single feels liberating, but it’s wrapped in melancholic nascency – a detrimental, yet pivotal, journey has been laid bare. Destination: redemption.

Even at the most explosive moment Queen remains melodic and polished, and it does well not to turn chaotic – most notably during the lead guitarist’s striking solo. The arrangements have been orchestrated well to align with the motifs evoked from the lyrics. And whilst lyrically it’s a straightforward journey, it’s backed by emotive instrumentals which conceptually and sonically provides depth – brought home by slick guitar twangs, funky bass lines and jazzy keys.

If this is the road The Oxymora are going down it’d be safe to expect songs full of heart and groove, Chili Peppers smoothness and grungy soul searching.




PHOTOGRAPHY: Shot by Brock – www.shotbybrock.co.uk