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There’s a seedy feel to LA, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Oxford trio, Mother, will shortly be introducing people to their version of LA - out now on Spotify. One thing I have noticed with these guys is their tight relationship with tempo - they’re very confident with it and in LA it’s no different. I’d argue LA is harsher but the way in which the guitar sort of drones and drags at the beginning is used effectively - this is where it sounds seedy and here Mother makes LA sound glamorous, particularly with the drums continuously bellowing in the background and constant reverberation of the bass line. There’s also a 90s alt-rock essence to it, - almost Oasean - with a few Kasabian tones piping up every now and then. Then the punch you’re waiting for arrives. It’s a quick turnaround, foreshadowed just enough that it’s not drastic and unwelcomed, and Mother have executed this well. Formerly a four-piece, LA seems like a natural progression for Mother - it incorporates their grunge vibe which they’ve balanced nicely with a post-punk sound. It’s not as catchy as say Petrichor (the first track from their Remnants of a Wasted Dream EP), but I’d argue LA is flaunting more sophistication.